Ashtanga Yoga Intensive for 9 months!

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive for 9 months!

Meet my Ashtanga yoga teachers – Peg Mulqueen and Jen Renee (they’re kinda cute, right?).  Yes, they look harmless and cute, but don’t let looks fool you, they are fierce and they work you hard!  And for the next 9 months I will be participating in an Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Program and let me tell you, at my age, it’s SCARY!

Yes, I love the Ashtanga yoga system, and it has helped me in countless ways…physical and mental strength, ability to surrender to what is, much needed grounding, and the list of benefits go on.  But the truth is that even though I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, I am 47 years old and I started this practice late in life — I mean, what the hell am I thinking….can I survive 9 months with these task masters?

When I applied for the program, I was secretly hoping they would reject me because they, of course should know what I know, my practice is not going to get much better than what it is ’cause I’m too old!  I should be happy going to mysore – done!  Nope, that’s not what happened, they accepted me, and yes, I am the oldest student in the group, and yes it is scary – sh*t!

Ok, so now I’m in, I guess I need to surrender as the practice calls for us to do and trust that my teachers know something I don’t.  But, I had to ask at our first meeting – ‘Peg, the second series is all about working on the nervous system, what about old people like me who will never get to the second series, what do we do?’  Peg looked at me, with that look that says, ‘Annette – stop it, just stop making excuses’ (yes, she knows me well), and said “I’m not even going to answer that, I’m not even going to go down that road cause not only are you going to finish first series, but you’re going to go right into second.   Talk to me in 3 months!”  Intensive Ashtanga has begun!  I thought to myself, oh boy, get ready to change your excuse making tune Annette, time to work hard – my teachers have figured me out!

So this is my new journey that for some crazy reason I have decided to  commit to – I guess this is my way of really making a new commitment to the practice I love and hate at the same time.  As we talked about in our first meeting with my two teachers- Ashtanga will ruin your life (in a good way) – once you commit to the practice, you will never look back!

Let the journey begin…