How’s your Ojas doing?

How's your Ojas doing?

A young child wakes up in the morning content, full of vitality and energy, a true example of OJAS…

Last week I wrote about Ojas, an Ayurvedic term that can be described as the byproduct of Kapha dosha; strength; vitality; what stabilizes the immune system; what stabilizes the mind and the container of life itself.

It is a subtle energy form that affects your consciousness and determines your resilience to stress.

When we educate on health, it always revolves around the ‘physical body’ but we rarely discuss the health of the ‘subtle body’ – a template of the physical body, made up of the chakras, the nadis, the astral organs of actions, the mind and the imagination.

There are three subtle energies – Prana, Tejas, and Ojas.  I’m just going to emphasize Ojas in this email because I consider it THE most important subtle energy.

Without it, your mind would become unstable, unable to function.

Your immune system shot.

“If Ojas is destroyed, the human being will also perish” – Charka Samhita

I want to wake you up to the subtle energies, the importance of consciousness, of being content, and what it truly means to be stable and withstand stress.

Ojas is like a raincoat in a storm, it helps the mind endure stress.

But just like your bank account, you can overdraw your Ojas reserves by your lifestyle and daily habits AND THEN you find yourself in the negative… unable to handle stress, unable to think, completely fatigued, completely unhappy and unstable in your thoughts.

Is that you?

There are four things that will deplete Ojas:

  1. All actions that heighten Prana and Tejas
  2. Poor digestion
  3. Poor diet
  4. Sexual indulgence

Diet and digestion are top on the list for the cause of disease not only to the physical body  but to the mental/subtle body as well.

Ensuring your digestive system is able to break down the food you eat, uptake and utilize the nutrients is paramount, otherwise, you are just creating more ama or toxins – ultimately depleting your ojas and weakening your immunes system and your resilience to stress.

Here’s where to begin:

  • Locate a good Ayurvedic practitioner in order to find out where your digestive issues stem from – you can’t fix something when you don’t know the root cause.
  • Practice good eating habits – eating according to your constitution, the season and climate you live in, and according to the Ayurvedic clock.
  • Kindle your digestive fire prior to eating with herbs such as fresh pressed ginger, freshly squeezed lemon juice + a pinch of sea salt.


How’s your Ojas?  Are you waking up content with a calm mind?  Is your speech calm and sweet – even under stress?  Is your mind strong and resilient throughout the day?

Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing, and of course, if you need 1:1 help building your Ojas – just reply to this email.


And if you are ready to start building daily habits that revolve around strengthening and building your Ojas, press on the button below. 


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