Are vitamins just expensive urine?

I don’t know about you, but about this time of year my stress level increases and my mood is well – not so good.  I don’t know if it’s the realization that the holidays are just around the corner and there’s not enough time, or the fact that I really do not like cold weather….and it’s coming, real soon.

Regardless of the reason, I go through pretty much the same emotions every year.  I also remember about this time of year that I need to get my Vitamin D levels checked, because maybe (now that I’m not sun bathing) I’m becoming deficient and need some additional supplementation – which is the topic of this blog.  

Fall is a really good time of year to get disciplined again about vitamins/supplements.  We all get a bit lazy in the summer, and quite frankly, we probably feel fantastic during the summer months – we’re tan, we’re eating pretty healthy (at least lighter), and just not feeling the need to swallow a bunch of pills.  But fall comes around, and maybe like me, your joints are starting to ache, or your energy levels are down and wondering if you’re missing something from your diet.   Well it’s not a secret that no matter how healthy we eat, our soil is depleted of minerals, which means our food doesn’t contain the amount of vitamins and minerals it did say 50 years ago.  We live in era where adding super foods and vitamins in our diet is probably not optional anymore for optimal health & vitality.  We become good friends with powders and pills….welcome to modern living! 

There’s a lot of other reasons  for adding supplements to our daily routine besides the condition of our soil and our modern living.  Some of us have malabsorption issues and cannot absorb the nutrients from our food due to various genetic reasons, drinking too much alcohol which depletes our Vitamin Bs, inability to absorb fat, long-term antibiotic use depleting us of essential nutrients, or we suffer from chronic diseases such as colitis which causes deficiencies, you get the point.  In other words, we might have a good medical reason, even it’s unknown to us that causes us to be unable to absorb sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals from diet alone.

This time of year (pre flu season) I like to add certain supplements in my daily routine for ‘insurance’ purposes and to get rid of the aches and moodiness I usually begin experiencing in the fall.

Here is a list of vitamins and supplements I like to include on a daily basis:  

  • Vitamin B complex (has all 8), phosphorylated (needed for:  DNA synthesis, energy metabolism, coenzyme and amino acid metabolism, oxidation reduction, synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids, heme synthesis)
  • Vitamin C (needed for:  collagen synthesis, antioxidant capability, hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis).
  • Vitamin D (needed for: maintenance of calcium, immune function, cell cycle regulation)
  • Omega 3 (needed for:  energy, organ protection, antioxidant defense)  Here’s a great website with more information on the benefits of Omega 3:
  • Selenium (needed for: antioxidant, thyroid metabolism, immune function)
  • Zinc (needed for: over 300 different enzymes in the body require zinc, contributes to DNA & RNA synthesis, heme synthesis, bone formation, acid-base balance, immune function, reproduction, growth and development, and antioxidant defense).
  • Probiotic (needed for: prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea, enhances healthy digestion and gut flora)
  • Magnesium Citrate (as needed for constipation, anxiety, sore muscles, sleep issues)

I also like to include  Kelp granules (just sprinkle in your food) for an excellent source of iodine which helps maintain a healthy thyroid function, and occasionally I’ll include Wobenzym for healthy joint support, because I have a vigorous daily yoga practice.

Wait, I’m not done…I also put ground flax, maca powder, coconut oil, and camu came powder in my smoothies.

I get into a routine, and it gets really simple, it’s all a matter of habit I suppose!  Anyway, I feel great, I haven’t caught a cold in years, and my energy level is pretty darn good!

So are vitamins just expensive urine?  There’s evidence to prove both sides right and wrong, so I guess it’s up to the individual.  I don’t mind some expensive pee as long as I feel fantastic – you decide.

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