4 Ways to Love Yourself More

4 Ways to Love Yourself More

It’s hard to imagine more powerful words than “I am enough”, “I am beautiful”, or “I am gifted”!

How do you feel when you state these words out loud?  How would you feel if you accepted these statements as truth?  What would change in the way you showed up daily?

It is very important to love and accept yourself.  In my own life, learning the lesson that “I” matter and the act of self love were the keys to finding my purpose and my spiritual path.  

Having gone through a traumatic head injury in my early 20’s and soon after numerous life and health challenges that had me questioning my self worth and ability to heal, I  realized that I not only had to forgive myself, but I actually had to start liking myself if I was going to heal and thrive.  


I started the practice of saying positive affirmations, which helped me to fully love, accept, and forgive myself, and put me on the path of discovering my true life purpose.


As I learned to forgive and love myself and began to follow my intuition, a world of healing opened up for me.  I learned to heal my thoughts and my body, and I discovered my work as a healer, and teacher.  The message of acceptance and self-love became the guiding message I find myself wanting to share to the world.  

Here are the 4 things I learned about loving, forgiving, and accepting myself and how I use these lessons today in my work: 

1.  Believe you are enough

Realize that you are enough, and that nothing more is required to make you perfect. Start a daily affirmation practice where you simply state ‘I am enough’.  

2.  Forgiveness 

Once I started to forgive myself, and the destructive choices I had made and the hurt I had caused others, I was able to heal, rebuild, and find my purpose.  Forgiveness is the key to healing, finding inner peace and strength to move forward.  I always encourage my clients to uncover any hidden guilt and self-doubt they have hidden away, do that they can begin to bring in more healing energy in their lives.  You don’t need to rehash the past or dig up old ‘bones’ from the past, you simply need to decide that you are NOW forgiving yourself of the past and moving forward.   

Start with a positive affirmation “I now choose to forgive myself”.  

3.  Be grateful

Learning to be grateful for the small things in life  rewires your brain in a positive way.  Positive thoughts remove destructive patterns and self-doubt and helps you see each new day as an opportunity of hope and a promise that your life has meaning and purpose.  When I started journaling and meditating daily on gratitude, I came to realize that all my experiences, including the bad and the ugly, were helping me to become the person I am destined to be and to equip me so that I can do the healing work I am meant to be doing today. 

4. Meditate 

Committing to a daily meditation practice brings peace and harmony to your mind and your body.  I invite you to try a mantra in light of the new moon today.  The mantra is SOM (pronounced ‘saum’).  This mantra calms the nervous system, brings in more joy, reduces anxiety, improves overall sense of well-being and  sleep.  Set your timer for 5 minutes, sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor with your back supported, close your eyes, and repeat the mantra inside your head over and over again.  If your mind wanders, it’s ok, just bring it back to the mantra SOM.  Meditating is the most important practice you can commit to and the greatest act of self love.  

Do the healing inner work that resets your inner chemistry and enable you to love and serve others.  Start your own affirmation and meditation practice to bring in more love and forgiveness for yourself.  


You are enough and you are worthy — the world is waiting for your healing and your joy to be revealed! 

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