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“A person undergoing rejuvenation therapy attains longevity, memory, intellect, freedom from diseases, youth, excellence of complexion, and voice, excellent potentiality of the body and the sense-organs, vak-siddhi, respect and brilliance.” — CARAKA-SAMHITA

Welcome to Chandra Ayurveda alternative holistic health provider and authentic Ayurvedic body treatments.

Specializing in effectively de-stressing, pain-relieving massage therapy, and powerful traditional Ayurvedic detoxification treatments for rejuvenation. 

My goal is simple – make life easier for women.  Racing mind, lack of focus, anxiety, stress, poor sleep, stiff joints, tension, neck pain, back pain, migraines… As a woman running her own business, wife, mother, and now in my menopausal years, I get it!

You deserve to feel good, sleep better, hurt less, and most importantly feel relaxed,  balanced, and at peace. 

I have wonderful experiences receiving treatments from Annette. Her knowledge is deep, her touch is awesome and her space leaves you feeling like you spent the day at the spa. I can’t wait to see her again!”

Aimee Echo, Yoga Teacher & musician

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“The Mind is refined through plants. In the Mantra it is perfected. Hence, the right use of herbs & a vegetarian diet serve as catalysts for the mantric development of consciousness. This is the beauty of AYURVEDA”. – Dr Frawley


How to prevent and treat ama (toxins)

Ayurveda is special and unique in that as a healing modality it respects the uniqueness of every individual.  It’s also a healing modality that looks at the individual as a whole, not as a separate being, meaning that it looks

Seasonal Routine for Summer

An important Ayurvedic concept is routine or dinacharya.  One of these routines is called the seasonal routine of summer – Visarga Kala. For most of us reading this blog, we live in the Northern Hemisphere which means summer is coming

Three  important indicators that determine how strong your immune system is according to Ayurveda >>>plus an exciting announcement!

I’m excited to announce that Chandra Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic has been open for 11 days and thriving in the city of Sarasota, Florida! The process of getting my small clinic up and running was one of the toughest things I

“Medicines which invigorate a healthy person are mostly aphrodisiac and rejuvenators.” — CARAKA-SAMHITA

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