“A person undergoing rejuvenation therapy attains longevity, memory, intellect, freedom from diseases, youth, excellence of complexion, and voice, excellent potentiality of the body and the sense-organs, vak-siddhi, respect and brilliance.” — CARAKA-SAMHITA

Chandra Ayurveda is an authentic Ayurvedic clinic offering consultations and body treatments focusing on personalized herbal remedies, lifestyle, and diet changes in order to restore balance and lasting effects to the body and mind.

I have wonderful experiences receiving treatments from Annette. Her knowledge is deep, her touch is awesome and her space leaves you feeling like you spent the day at the spa. I can’t wait to see her again!”

Aimee Echo, Yoga Teacher & musician

Begin your journey with one of the Chandra Ayurvedic body treatments, and experience instant rejuvenation and peace.

“The Mind is refined through plants. In the Mantra it is perfected. Hence, the right use of herbs & a vegetarian diet serve as catalysts for the mantric development of consciousness. This is the beauty of AYURVEDA”. – Dr Frawley


Ojas Building Rose Milk

Rejuvenate and build immunity with this delicious nut milk made with two of the most exquisite ingredients…roses and saffron. Ingredients: 1 cup almonds 3 cups filtered water for soaking 1 ½ tsp mineral salt for soaking the almonds 4 cups

Springtime Remedies

It’s springtime, and that usually means a lot of dampness, heaviness, and cold. The best way to bring balance to your body is to deal with your digestion first by incorporating spices and lifestyle practices that will lift the heaviness

Practical Ayurvedic Cold Remedies

It’s the end of the year, and the theme has been upper respiratory viruses and sinus type of colds. Every client I have seen this month is struggling with a cold or upper respiratory issues. There’s definitely a theme going

“Medicines which invigorate a healthy person are mostly aphrodisiac and rejuvenators.” — CARAKA-SAMHITA

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